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JAWCRUSH® Face Exerciser

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JAWCRUSH® Face Exerciser

Meet the JAWCRUSH® Face Exerciser

JAWCRUSH® is the No. 1 tool for your regular jaw workout. Train and grow your jaw muscles by just chewing on it. This creates a well-defined jawline and gives you the confident, sexy look you always wanted.

● This jaw exerciser is designed to train the jaw, face and neck muscles by chewing this exerciser with your molars.
● When you periodically train your muscles, they grow, accordingly, the muscles on your jaw and face will become more expressive, chiseled.
● With regular workouts, this fitness ball will help make look your face more younger, tighter and slimmer. Your jawline will become more defined.
● This jawline exerciser is suitable for both men and women.
● Helping everyone get an attractive jawline fast
● Short workouts of 10-20 minutes every second day are enough to see results within 30 days


of using JAWCRUSH®

chisel your jaw

Tightens up the entire chin area
Studies show that people with a prominent jaw bone, mandible, or lower jaw are universally considered more attractive. A stronger, chiseled jaw has a visibly-angled curving.

chisell your jaw

Builds up your jaw muscles
Did you know that smiling more often, facial massages, or chewing gum help to strengthen the jawline ligaments? YET, the most effective, non-intrusive facial exercise is chewing! It gradually decreases the accumulation of skin and fat around the chin and jaw, reducing the roundness of your face

jaw line exerciser

Gives the jaw a more defined appearance
Like any form of physical fitness, regularly exercising the facial muscles could lead to a sharper jawline. All you need to have is patience, perseverance and the right jaw workout equipment

jawline exerciser for men

Creates a fresher, more muscular look
Our silicone jaw exerciser turns your molars into a professional chewing station, fueling the exact amount of force needed to achieve real jaw workout results and a firm jawline contour, with just 10-20 minutes of use every other day


Reach your jawline goal

Jaw Tone Exerciser

BEGINNER (40LB) - Newbies, the 2 Beginner Jaw Definer Chews are a perfect start for chewing your way towards a stronger-looking, sharper jawline with only 40 pounds of resistance. Adios, double chins!

MIDDLE (50LB)- By engaging the masseter - one of the toughest muscles in your body – the Intermediate Jaw Exerciser Set provides an impactful workout, strengthening the jaw, and contouring the neckline.

ADVANCED (60LB) - If you’re serious about adding extra bulk to your jawline, the Advanced Jaw Muscle Builder kit is your go-to buddy. It pumps hardcore strength into your bite. Results last much longer.


into a star

✔ More Power: Fearless, Defined Look
✔ More Definition: Your Facial Features Get Wider And Sharper
✔ Become A Rockstar: Your Friends Will No Longer Recognize You

Your facial muscles work like any other muscle in your body. With enough training, rest and nutrients, they will grow and develop over time. Use JAWCRUSH® regularly and you will have well-defined, angular facial features in no time.


Just pop the 2 JAWCRUSH® face exercisers mouthpieces in your mouth and chew them with your molars. Ridiculously easy to incorporate in the busiest daily routine. Use it at home, at the gym, on-the-go or while driving! 


✔ 87% of women prefer men with a strong jawline
✔ Masculine facial features indicate a high level of testosterone

Within the scientific community, it has been a well-known fact for now, that most women prefer men with "masculine" facial features, like strong, squared jaws, heavy brow ridges and hollow cheeks. The reason women are drawn to these attractive features is because they are indicators of a high level of testosterone - signs of power and dominance in a man.



Food grade silicone is a non-toxic type of silicone that doesn’t contain any chemical fillers or byproducts, making it safe for chewing on it. It consists of the same material pacifiers for babies are made of.

WARNING: Keep away from children - improper use may result in risk of swallowing and suffocation. Do not use JAWLINER® under the age of 14. Be careful not to chew on the canines, otherwise you may damage the JAWCRUSH. 



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$34.99 $43.99


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For maximum and best results use it 5 times a week at least 15 minutes a day. You should be able to see noticeable and best results after 30-60 days.

Yes! It is very simple and easy to use, all you have to do is stick it to your body and press start! You will receive a detailed user manual with positions and pointers to maximize your results.

Yes! You can use this device while cleaning, cooking, reading, taking a walk, cycling, exercising and much more! You can wear it anywhere or doing anything.

Yes! It can be used on all parts of your body including back and neck! Except for toning your body, it can be used to relax tense muscles.

No! Our Toner was designed for both man and woman, all body shapes and all ages.

Yes! Many of our customers use Toning Bands as a device to relieve back and neck pain. It feels like a massage!

Our Muscle Toner will work on hairy bodies. Due to the hair, you may be required to change gel pads more often than usual. You can get them here.

Gel pad will help to stick the device firmer to your skin but is not a must. We recommend replacing it after 20-30 times of usage.

Our EMS is powered by AAA battery and certified by FDA to be safe for use. It is used by many athletes seeking a competitive advantage to build muscle faster.


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